This edition features a linked table of contents and footnotes, allowing for easy reference and fact-checking, along with an original introduction by Carter Page, Ph.D.

Fifty years from now, Americans will read about how The Mueller Report was a defining document of our time. History books often gloss over the “uglier” parts of the past. Let this be a time when we choose to remember, rather than forget, in the hope of forging a brighter future for the American people.

With an introduction written by Carter Page, former foreign policy advisor to President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, this edition frames the report in a different light. Page was arguably targeted to get to President Trump, utterly disrupting his private life even though he was ultimately not accused of any wrongdoing.

With only the redacted report available, much is left open to interpretation as the U.S. finds itself on a precipice of serious change. Page frames the report with his unique perspective, calling into question the gross abuse of power by the Democratic party, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the operatives who seek to, ironically, obstruct the Constitution themselves. "

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