The extinction of humanity approaches… 

Out of the jungles of South American stumbled an infected priest. 10 years later the zombie infection has seeped out of the shadows and gutters and has spread across the globe. Governments crumble as they decide who should live and who must die.

Out of this pre-apocalyptic world emerges Donavan Leeds, an ordinary man who dreams of becoming a Samurai. Paralyzed by loneliness after he is mysteriously abandoned by everyone he loves, Van wakes one warm night to find a figure holding a sword at the foot of his bed. Obligated by a profound debt, Van hires out his samurai sword and a river of zombie blood follows. To a desperate world, Van becomes a folk hero; to the secretly infected, he is ‘the beginning of a war’. 

As humanity’s darkest forces gather on one side and the incurably diseased gather on the other, civilization is on the brink of its bloodiest war. And Van, blinded by love and a secret that could change the course of mankind, must decide who to kill to prevent the zombie apocalypse.

* This new twist on the zombie mythology is rated ‘WTF’ for its strong language, sexual situations and irreverent humor.

60,000 words.

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