A series of short, single voice plays by writers based in the North West of England. These powerful, contemporary monologues share the struggles, courage, conflicts and joys of different characters facing difficult decisions in their lives. Developed through consultation with young people, they offer a range of authentic, memorable voices to stimulate discussion and participatory drama work.
‘First Date’ by Anne-Marie O’Connor: Sometimes friendship comes with a heavy price tag.
‘Getting it Right’ by Peter Spafford: Luke can't choose between his shirts, let alone his parents.
‘Results Day’ by Aelish Michael: Karly’s mum thinks she’s an angel, but what if she flaps her wings?
‘Close to Home’ by Mary Cooper: Jay’s little sister is pregnant and he’s livid – who’s he going to punish?
‘Weighed Down’ by Carla Monvid-Jenkinson and Mary Cooper: When Claire’s dad left, she thought that he was all she would lose.
‘Giggsy’s Legs’ by Michael Harvey: Do you choose everything you are or does it choose you?

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