November in North Pole, Alaska brings families together to celebrate 
Thanksgiving as well as an increase in letters to Santa from children in 
need of a little Christmas magic.

Ivy Templeton, North Pole’s newest business owner, could use a little 
Christmas magic herself. She’s determined to do most of the rehab work 
on the Shining Star Bed and Breakfast alone, but her only guest, author 
Jonah Stark, keeps offering his assistance despite the fact that he’s 
supposed to be writing his latest thriller. In spite of her past 
experiences being burned by lying boyfriends, she struggles to keep 
Jonah at a distance, drawn to him emotionally and physically. He seems 
to be a guy she can really trust.

Jonah Stark is a private investigator by day and a thriller author 
wanna-be by night. Hired by a woman claiming to be Ivy’s sister, he 
arrives at the bed and breakfast to dig into Ivy’s background. Deceiving 
Ivy about his true reasons for being there doesn’t sit well, especially 
as he begins to develop feelings for her, but he’s a professional, and 
revealing to Ivy why he’s there isn’t part of his job.

However, when unexpected truths about the investigation come to light, 
Jonah is forced reveal himself to protect the woman he loves—with his 
life if he has to. Will Ivy forgive and forget long enough to give him a 
second chance?

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