I was running from heartbreak when I saw him – Ian McLaren, a surfer with the hottest body I’d ever seen.

But he’s a d*ck.

Sort of. After an awkward beginning and a heart-pounding follow-up, our time together became the perfect fairytale romance, with sex so hot I’m surprised we didn’t set the bed on fire.

But something’s wrong… I can tell. And I don’t know what it is.


I’d given up on love, but that’s exactly when Katie walked into my life.

At first her body drove me insane with lust – but it was her smile, her eyes, her laughter that made me fall in love.

But I’ve got a secret I don’t dare tell her.

Because if she leaves, it'll break me. But if she stays, it might be worse.

Sex On The Beach is an erotic romance novel - magnetic bad boy romance with a heart of gold – and tons of hot, naughty sex. If you have a billionaire obsession, look no further for the hottest in erotic romance novels!

Full-length novel, HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers! First in the Bad Boys Club series!

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