In 1914, Sigmund Freud first introduced the idea of a narcissistic disorder, but that concept was not made official until approximately 50 years ago.

Now, narcissism is a popular buzzword on social media, blogs, and online quizzes. But what is narcissism really about and how do you know if you're in a relationship with one?

More importantly, if you discover that you are connected to a narcissist, what are the dangers, how do you protect yourself, and how do you escape?

There is a vast difference between someone exhibiting narcissistic traits and someone afflicted with actual NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In addition, other disorders can seem similar to NPD. We'll show you what to look for so you can tell the difference.

In Narcissism: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder, we'll explore how one becomes a narcissist, and what happens to a person that suddenly robs them of empathy—a trait directly tied to our humanity.

We'll uncover the different categories of narcissism, from the mild and generally harmless, to the extreme, malignant type—the one you especially want to keep a great distance from.

This book can be especially helpful to those who are already in a relationship with a narcissist, because if you or someone you know is, it can be hard to determine what's real and what's been fabricated by moment after moment of devastating psychological and emotional abuse!

We will also cover what to do and how to navigate the very tricky process of dealing with a narcissist long-term, for parents with ex-spouses, for adult children of narcissists, or those who have a narcissist in the family.

How can you protect yourself or a loved one from falling victim to a narcissist? Narcissism: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder can help you gain the knowledge necessary to survive the devastating results of narcissistic, emotional abuse. You'll learn what to look for in determining if someone is, in fact, a narcissist.

You'll learn the devious ways a narcissist draws you in, before they turn around and systematically break you down, your ego, self-confidence and all, and most importantly, you'll learn how to escape the narcissist's power and begin the healing process towards a better life, utilizing tools and support to rebuild, relearn, and restore your strength, sanity, and sense of self.

Understand the difference between the various types and sub-types of narcissism, including which ones are the most dangerous.

Learn to recognize the red flags of an impending toxic relationship and how a narcissist will do anything to draw you into their web of lies.

Take a closer look at narcissistic families and the effects they have on children, as well as how children can cope with the abuse later in life.

Learn how to navigate an emotionally abusive relationship with your reality and your sanity intact, until you have the chance to escape from it.

Get an inside look at how a narcissist thinks and operates.

Understand the differences between a healthy relationship and a potentially toxic one.

Learn the differences between other personality disorders and narcissism, and how one can be grown out of while narcissism is usually permanent.

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