Sandy is heading off to college as brand new cadet at the SpaceForce Academy when something goes horribly wrong with the transport plane. Two hundred teenagers are trapped with only a drunken captain and a mechanical droid, who is programmed to do nothing more than serve tiny cups of soda and non-legume snacks. Fortunately, the Flying Mule is in the vicinity and a rescue is only moments away. That’s until the transport plane is sucked into a worm tunnel, whisking everyone across the galaxy.

Back on Rehnor, Dov has moved Ailana and her young son to his duchy in Kildoo, after the destruction of yet another palace. As no one else is sitting the throne, Dov has declared himself the new king, despite his lack of an army, lack of funds, and lack of subjects.

Ailana has contracted a disease and has requested to see her son Amyr before she dies. Sir Bennet is now tasked with locating the elusive young man and dragging him back to Rehnor kicking and screaming.

In the meantime, in Karupatani, King Rekah frets about his own lack of funds to provide for the many immigrants returning to his shores. If only they had something to sell, something upon which they might build an economy. To that end, he visits Pellen, the most successful businessman in the land, whereupon they embark upon an adventure across the sea.

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