Holly lost her best friend when her fiancé, Lee took his life.
Shock, betrayal and consuming guilt are just some of the emotions she is ferociously crushed with.
She finds herself promptly suffocating under the weight of unanswered questions.
She should have known, shouldn't she?
Could she have stopped him had she known?
Why would he do that?
She fights an uphill battle everyday to find the bright side of life again, something Lee couldn't do but she is determined to be different.

Pat hovers, his concern evident, his loyalty to Lee unwavering and Holly feels anger towards him even with knowing he has a sweet and caring nature. Their attraction grows as does her shame over her feelings. Lee's heart isn't beating anymore, would he begrudge her happiness?
Can Holly forgive herself long enough to get her second chance?

Book 4 in All The Colours series
Book 1: All The Colours
Book 2: All The Darkness
Book 3: All The Games

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