Juliana flies to Paris in an effort to say a final goodbye to her husband who died on a top-secret mission—or that’s what she was told because a body was never found. When she bumps into a man who looks like her husband but has no memories, she starts on a journey to find the truth. A journey filled with emotional peril and danger, a journey only she can take. But she’s not alone.

Daniel wanders, lost, unable to remember anything of his past, except for the horrific flashbacks.

Lucy, estranged from her family, works as a fortuneteller, unable to receive a vision on what matters most to her. The one thing that could bring her family back together.

Mia leaves her crumbling marriage to support her mother in Paris. She's forced to face the grief of losing her father, but she’s challenged to rise above to rescue a lost soldier, and possibly, be a hero.

In this story about rescue, restoration, and second chances, all four will face their past—the heartache and the pain—in a moving rescue mission like no other.

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