The world is always forcing its propaganda on you. Everyone is "selling" you something. At the least, they're selling you their story, their version of events, their view of the world, the way they want things to be. You're at it too. Facebook and Twitter are not social networking platforms. They're personal propaganda vehicles, which is why people lavish so much time on them. They're cyber self-portraits, and people will endlessly keep airbrushing them.

What's the secret of making money? Pander to people's narcissism. Make it all about them - their favourite subject.

We're saturated with propaganda. The media and advertising industries have no other function than to mass produce propaganda.

Where is the truth? What and whom can you trust? What propaganda techniques should you be looking out for? How can you protect yourself? This is the gospel of anti-propaganda, the exposé of all the propagandists out to get you.

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