In the prehistoric past, Keda, a young and inexperienced hunter, struggles to return home after being separated from his tribe when bison hunting goes awry. In his way back he will find an unexpected ally.

The Cast

Leonor Varela
Shaman Woman
Priya Rajaratnam
Huntress (uncredited)
Nashon Douglas
Lion Tribe #3 (uncredited)
Michael Kruse-Dahl
Lion Tribe #4 (uncredited)
Kyle Glenn Thomas
Lion Tribe #9 (uncredited)
Nestor de la Zerda
Solutrean Hunter #1 (uncredited)
Louis Lay
Solutrean Hunter #2 (uncredited)
Patrick Flanagan
Solutrean Hunter #3 (uncredited)
Blake Point
Solutrean Hunter #4 (uncredited)
Taran Kootenhayoo
Solutrean Hunter #6 (uncredited)

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The Crew

Albert Hughes
Albert Hughes
Andrew Rona
Dan Wiedenhaupt
Albert Hughes