Painter Youngsoo (Kim Joo-hyuk) hears secondhand that his girlfriend, Minjung (Lee Yoo-young), has recently had (many) drinks with an unknown man. This leads to a quarrel that seems to end their relationship. The next day, Youngsoo sets out in search of her, at the same time that Minjung—or a woman who looks exactly like her and may or may not be her twin—has a series of encounters with strange men, some of whom claim to have met her before.

The Cast

Kim Joo-hyuk
Kim Young-soo
Lee Yoo-young
So Min-jung
Kim Eui-sung
Kim Joong-haeng
Kwon Hae-hyo
Park Jae-young
Yu Jun-sang
Lee Sang-won
Baek Hyun-jin

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The Crew

Hong Sang-soo
Hong Sang-soo