The true story of the investigation of 'The Zodiac Killer', a serial killer who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area, taunting police with his ciphers and letters. The case becomes an obsession for four men as their lives and careers are built and destroyed by the endless trail of clues.

The Cast

Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Graysmith
Robert Downey Jr.
Paul Avery
Mark Ruffalo
Dave Toschi
Anthony Edwards
Bill Armstrong
Brian Cox
Melvin Belli
Elias Koteas
Jack Mulanax
John Carroll Lynch
Arthur Leigh Allen
Ed Setrakian
Al Hyman
John Getz
Templeton Peck
John Terry
Charles Thieriot
Candy Clark
Carol Fisher
Dermot Mulroney
Captain Martin Lee
Brett Rickaby
Detective Roy
Clea DuVall
Linda del Buono
Donal Logue
Captain Ken Narlow
June Diane Raphael
Mrs. Toschi
Jimmi Simpson
Mike Mageau
Charles Fleischer
Bob Vaughn
Philip Baker Hall
Sherwood Morrill
Adam Goldberg
Duffy Jennings
Zach Grenier
Mel Nicolai
John Lacy
Zodiac 4
Bob Stephenson
Zodiac 3
Richmond Arquette
Zodiac 1 y 2
Michel Francoeur
Man on Marquee
Stanley B. Herman
Staff Editor

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The Crew

David Fincher
Arnold Messer
Brad Fischer
Ceán Chaffin
James Vanderbilt
Mike Medavoy
Executive Producer
Louis Phillips
James Vanderbilt
Robert Graysmith