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Game Introduction:

《Starry Fantasy Online》 is about a War between Humans, Fairies and Demons in a Western mythological Fantasy World. Brave Heroes who can save the World and Preserve Peace are needed.

Game Features:

◆ Real-time battle with other players
- Team up with Worldwide Friends
- Demon hunting with Global Players
- PVP fighting mode

◆ Upload Selfie in your personal Blog
  to show your own personality
- Add Friends and Send Gift to your Friends
- Make Friends All over the World

◆ Four Classes
- Warrior, Mage, Priest and Gunslinger
- Each can advance into 2 other classes

◆ Exclusive Chatting System
- Use your own voice to chat with other players
- Various emoticon to delight your chat

◆ Cross-platform from PC, Mobile and Pad
- Enjoy Playing Anytime, Anywhere

Official Information:

- Official Website:
- Facebook Fanpage:
- Customer Center:

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